Good Governance Awards (GGA)
Conflict of Interest principles and policies for the judge’s panel

The purpose of this policy statement is to recognise that conflicts of interest may occur and to set out guidance and procedures that must be followed to ensure that a conflict of interest, or potential conflict of interest, does not have an adverse effect on the development of the Good Governance Awards, the assessment process or the assessment outcomes.

  • None of the nonprofit partner or supporting organisations will submit an entry for their organisation.
  • Where a judge or an assessor has a direct connection1 with an applicant organisation, they will excuse themselves from the assessment and evaluation of that organisation.
  • It is the responsibility of a panel judge or assessor to notify GGA organiser (Róisín McGuigan) as soon as possible, if she/he becomes aware of a conflict of interest in judging or assessing a particular entry in the Awards.
  • In the case of judge or an assessor with a declared conflict of interest, the judge/ assessor will be asked to swap category panels with another judge/assessor who does not have a conflict of interest with the entry from a particular organisation.
  •  The judges and assessors will receive the names of entries for the assigned entries for assessment, evaluation or judging in a particular award category. They will be asked to declare any possible conflicts of interests before the entries are forwarded on to them.
  • A ‘conflicted’ judge/assessor should refrain and excuse him/herself from any discussion or decision making in relation to the entry.
  • If a judge/assessor is unsure about a possible conflict of interest she/he should consult with the  the GGA organiser (Róisín McGuigan).

1 A Direct connection for the purposes of this policy applies where the judge and/or an immediate family member (spouse/partner, father/mother, son/daughter, brother/sister) has a formal relationship with the organisation as a board/trustee member, staff, volunteer or as professional advisor to the organisation, or has or had a personal or professional connection with the organisation within the last 24 months.